sourpony: (| 0 4 4 | No no No see)
Alpha Uniform Delta India ([personal profile] sourpony) wrote2011-11-21 12:23 pm

yeah it's a pimp but it's not what you think? or maybe it is.

Either way, round six is having it's sign ups so join in if you love Fringe. AND the final voting is up and needs people to vote (only three so far) so please cut a girl some slack and vote? I forgot to mention I'm in the finals again AND I'D REALLY LIKE TO CRUSH THE OTHER GIRL WIN FOR ONCE :D Vote here

Also if you're in the mood, post a gif because I haven't slept much at all lately and they make me laugh. And I'm bored... and because you're absolutely brilliant and wonderful and amazing for voting so we can spam and celebrate.

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